Tuesday, April 10, 2018

spring break

  we got a short spring break last week. I went back to me hometown and have a little party with my old friends. And I also went to my old school. my classmate is looks normal, doesn´t have big change, I am so fraking happy to meet my friends, I aet so much food I can not eat at hanoi, we make staff at art, well there do not have much things like here does, but make things ourself is also fun!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


PYPX is one of the biggest unit in grade 5, UNIS going to invoice, HIS,BIS,BVIS...... so we have to get more information about it.

Grade 5

  Grade 5 life is like a boat on a ocean, some times it very sunny, and nice, sometimes it will has a huge scare rain, so the things will happen. sometimes it just come sunhat at you, you don't even know!!!

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  The thing is friendships problem, we knows, it you just make a friend yesterday, maybe she or him will ignore you today, some people also like to talk behind peoples back. so check it out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

despicable me 3

  today, in art we get to have a movie party, we watch<< despicable me 3>>,it a funny movie about a bad "boy", want to Stael the biggest diamond in the world, but Gru stop him, but the team has kick him out, then hie wife is very mad, so she has been kick out too. and he met his twins brother, so they try to get the diamond back. and so they get it. it have a happy ending

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math is one of the most important lesson, and it very fun. it has a lot of the verbs-id about it. some you can find information from it .

  how can we get better at it? we can make the question our self and she to soul it, and try more ways to souls it. or you can try to be a ris- taker.

  we might take a look a this link, for math, the name is math is fun. you will get way better.

Monday, March 19, 2018


  In PYPX, my group has been finishing research about our line of inquiry, put information at padlet.

And we make the ¨pie¨ , there´s 3 people in my group, which is Gangmo,Eulalia and me. each of us get 3\1 of the ¨pie¨,which means we all doing the same job.

  And the question that we made is all effect to SDG #13 climate action.

Monday, February 26, 2018

who are we?

who are we? we are the student, we are the one of the big family, we are able to change the world!
what can we do?we can change the world,we can take changeImage result for make a change