Wednesday, June 13, 2018



  Identity unit is the first unit we have. identity is how the way to explain yourself. have we have a identity muesue.


  Migration is when you have to anther city or country and another community, so we move to a different place.


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  Electricity is make the light and fan those, and there´s different way to make electricity:solar, hydro, biomass, wind and geometer.


  Gaverment is a leader of the country, and there has 4 different type of gaverment:

  • anarcky
  • mornarcky
  • dictatorship
  •  demergency 


At PYPX, we choose a SDGs and a passion, and came out with a issue. we learn about it for 8 week, and we perecent to grade 1~grade 4,also middle school at Thursday night, we only show to our parents.


At transition unit, we learn how to use a things to tell our self. and is the last unit we have.

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